Colombian Hot Chocolate
We drink Hot Chocolate at breakfast!


Dear Colombians and friends of Colombians, with the growing concern about COVID-19, and in response to the measures and recommendations of the Government of Canada and its public health authorities, we have decided to postpone our event: "Chocolate Colombiano 2020", scheduled for March 29. Our primary goal here is to minimize everyone's risk of exposure to overcome this pandemic and maintain health in our community. According to the development of the current situation, we will be communicating a new date for this event.

We invite you to follow the recommendations issued by the public health authorities. Take care of yourselves and your families, we hope to see you soon. For now, enjoy a delicious homemade hot chocolate!

Special thanks to our sponsors for their support and special cooperation under these circumstances.

Board of Directors Casa Cultural Colombiana
Toronto — March 16, 2020


Chocolate Colombiano 2020


Chocolate Colombiano
Colombian Hot Chocolate

A Delicious Colombian Custom

Colombian kitchens are never missing a cup of hot chocolate on the table, at breakfast time or at sunset. This custom is part of an ancient culture that links families and friends. The chocolate arrived in Colombia by way of the Mayan culture and, according to historians, it was the Spaniards in colonial times who adopted the "drink as essential in foods".
A cup of hot chocolate accompanied by bread and cheese is a classic invitation that Colombians offer for a get-together among friends in the evening, either in the city or in the countryside, where the drink boils in wood stoves starting at dawn.
Casa Cultural Colombiana (Colombian Cultural House) celebrates this wonderful custom every year in Canada. We invite you to share an afternoon full of our traditions with your family and friends.