Festival of Cultures - CARASSAUGA
Ontario’s largest multicultural festival!

Festival of Cultures - Carassauga 2018 - COLOMBIA Pavilion


Carassauga 2018 - Ontario’s largest multicultural festival!

Casa Cultural Colombiana extends a sentiment of gratitude to all the volunteers, entrepreneurs, merchants and sponsors, whom, with unbound enthusiasm joined us to participate and ensure that the Colombian Pavilion shined most especially during the Carassauga Festival of Cultures 2018 celebrated in Mississauga this past May 25, 26,27. The Colombian Pavilion featured an excellent sampling of the delicious Colombian cuisine, of its crafts, products and services offered by our community of entrepreneurs. The food, products and souvenirs captivated the palate and preferences of all its visitors.
Our Venezuelan friends were welcomed as our guest in the Colombian Pavilion. We thank the Venezuelan community for entrusting their flag to our care. It was an honour.
We wish to give a sincere thank you to Isabel Cuellar for recommending us and for her guidance during the preparation and planning of our tent.

The cultural exhibition represented a Colombian peasant family and the message to share was based on the importance of the family as the nucleus of the development and progress of society. The Colombian Cultural House promotes the family environment as one of the greatest values that we bring to Canadian society and from there it is clear that we keep alive the traditions, language, beliefs and behaviors that allow us to strengthen our cultural identity.
 The Colombian Pavilion was well attended, very colourful and full of happiness. Our volunteers stood out for their smiles and friendly greetings. The Colombian pavilion received the visit of more than 9,000 attendees to the festival. They were stamping passports and dancing to the rhythm of Colombian music with our visitors. They greeted everyone with a cheerful “Welcome-Bienvenido a Colombia!” but had to say “Welcome Back” to many who returned for a second and third time attracted by the human warmth and merriment that characterizes the Colombian people.
We thank the media present for covering and promoting our Pavilion. And are grateful to many visitors for their kind comments and the sharing of their pictures. Those mementos filled us with great patriotic pride and touched our souls inspiring us to continue showcasing Colombia.
Casa Cultural Colombiana is proud to represent Colombia in this important Festival of Cultures – Carassauga 2018. Viva! Cheers! Colombia!